Sunday, September 26, 2010

Papoose & CertiFYD release "LAW LIBRARY" Part 7 - "RAPE" on iTunes - produced by CertiFYD - Support & purchase please!

Papoose - LISTEN TO LAW LIBRARY PART 7 "Statutory Rape" produced by @CertiFYDmusic

CertiFYD Production Group  
Papoose  have brought you classic street bangers in the past such as  "Street Credibility", "Gift and a Curse" and "Pop a Wheely".  This team links up again for the Law Library series, part 7 which focuses on "Statutory Rape."

Papoose & CertiFYD collaborate to release "LAW LIBRARY" part 7, the legendary series that has created a huge following dropping real knowledge on various legal issues.  The guitar heavy track creates the perfect backdrop for the overall vibe and feel of the record.
Please go out and support real music.  Visit iTunes and look for  "Papoose Law Library" and find part 7. 
Thanks for your support!   CertiFYD

The tracks starts at 22 seconds...

About Papoose:

Born in New York City by Americo-Liberian parents, Papoose made his first attempts at rapping at the age of 11. He was given his name by his grandma Vivian because of his childhood resemblance to a Native American child. Inspired by Kool G Rap, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane he made his first appearance & became known to the public when he appeared in 1998 on Kool G Rap's Roots of Evil album. The following year, he released his first single, "Thug Connection"/"Alphabetical Slaughter".
On August 24, 2006, his official website announced that he had signed with Jive Records in a deal worth $1.5 million. An album to be called The Nacirema Dream ("American" spelled backwards) was planned. However, in September 2007, Kay Slay revealed that he and Papoose had left Jive, commenting that they had "almost [become] victims of A&R hell." On 21 Gun Salute, Papoose said that he was able to keep the $1.5 million in spite of not releasing an album.
After an early record deal failed, he decided to produce and sell his own mixtapes, one of which he presented to DJ Kay Slay outside the offices of New York's Hot 97 after the latter's radio show there. This led to Kay Slay inviting Papoose onto the air, and, impressed by his rendition of "Alphabetical Slaughter", signing him to his Streetsweepers Entertainment label. He continued to release mixtapes at a prolific rate – over a dozen between 2004 and 2006 – and won the Justo Mixtape Award for Best Underground Artist in 2005. In Summer 2008, Papoose stated that due to him not being ready to release his Debut album, He will continue to impress his audiences and release mixtapes every season.
  • 2004: Art & War
  • 2004: Street Knowledge
  • 2004: The Beast from the East
  • 2004: Election Day
  • 2005: A Moment of Silence
  • 2005: The Underground King
  • 2005: Sharades
  • 2005: Mixtape Murder
  • 2005: A Bootlegger's Nightmare
  • 2005: Bedstuy Do or Die
  • 2005: Unfinished Business
  • 2006: Menace II Society Part 2
  • 2006: A Threat and a Promise
  • 2006: The Boyz in the Hood
  • 2006: The 1.5 Million Dollar Man
  • 2006: Second Place is the First Loser
  • 2006: The Fourth Quarter Assassin
  • 2007: Internationally Known
  • 2007: Already a Legend
  • 2008: Build or Destroy
  • 2009: 21 Gun Salute
  • 2009: Military Grind
  • 2010: Papoose Season

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