Wednesday, April 20, 2011

YMBCM / Poe Boy presents BRISCO - OG Kush 2 - The 420 Petition - CertiFYD contributes to project producing "WE CAN GET BUSY" (Produced by CertiFYD Production Group)

CertiFYD Production Group contributes to Brisco's new project called "OG KUSH - THE 420 PETITION" with the track called "WE CAN GET BUSY".  This track was created from scratch in the studio in Miami with YMCMB / Poe Boy artist Brisco.  Live guitars were used in the intro of the record and throughout the song that is synth & beat driven.  DJ Nemysis also contributed to production on the track as well as the concept of the hook.  

Brisco featuring Jase - "We Can Get Busy" (Produced by CertiFYD)
Artist: Brisco  Mixtape: O.G. Kush Vol. II: The 420 Petition

Label: Poe Boy/Cash Money

Brisco is on a path to greatness, without an obstacle in his way, the path to the top isn’t so far off. The Opa Locka Goon is a veteran in his own rite, conquering the streets of Miami was the first completed mission, now with that under his belt, moving forward towards the entire world is the next mission at hand. Ever since the beginning, Poe Boy has been the forefront of his musiccareer, then after a short period of time Birdman and Lil Wayne stepped into the picture making him an official CMB. Now with the highly anticipated debut ‘Street Medicine’ on the verge of release, Brisco is just patiently waiting. 

Last year, Brisco released the street classic ‘O.G. Kush,’ now approximately a year later, 4/20 to exact; the Opa Locka Goon is back again with the sequel and right on time even. This time, he’s releasing volume 2 with a purpose and that purpose is simply straight to the point, pushing the 420petition. With the single ‘Puff’ already circulating its way across the nation, what a better idea than to hit them with the mixtape straight out the vault on a day that more than half the nation celebrates as the unofficial, street official Marijuana Day.

Between the sound and the blow for blow lyrics that Brisco is known for, this mixtape is bound to be yet another classic from the Opa Locka Goon. Unhosted and unscripted, Brisco literally goes in.  

Mary Jane

Brisco interludes with a very strong intro, I mean what a great idea coming in with a songentitled Mary Jane sampling an old school classic with the same title.


The leading single into the release of the mixtape, ‘Puff’ allowed Brisco to let his fans to know that this is the sample of what’s to come. The title alone already put people on point that Bris was about release another O.G. Kush for the 4/20. As soon as the beat starts, it gave you that psychedelic vibe, something you listen to when you’re high. The addition of JRandall added that Pop vibe that filled that missing sound.

Real Bad Boys

The hook alone already sold me. New age reggae vibe with a real eclectic beat. Even Brisco’s delivery is on point. He adds that Jamaican style to the lyrical delivery and gives it a definite island feel. Listen to the lyrics, between Red on the hook and Bris on the lyrics the song is a banger, original rudeboy warfare song.

Seat Laid Back

This is vintage Brisco. Something to vibe to while driving in your car, with the seat laid back, one hand on the steering wheel, and just vibing.  The beat carries an interesting melody as the vocals on the hook follows soulfully. 
We Can Get Busy (Produced by CertiFYD

This track shows Bris’ versatility as he spits for the ladies. Another vintage Brisco track, the melody is point as Jase of Kulture Shock chimes adding his vocals and the finishing touches to an already blazing track.

Super Hero

With an ‘S’ on his chest, you might as well add this to the collection of certified hits that Brisco already has, this joint is another one. If that’s Wiz on the hook than it is definitely catchy all atop a fast-paced beat adding that flare. With the mixture of Brisco’s elements, this makes for another soon to be classic.

All in all, if you’re looking for something to vibe to, smoke to, nod your head to, then this is something you need to cop, add this to iPod playlist, he definitely has the elements and the versatility to provide all the above actions. Brisco never ceases to amaze me with his mixtapes; you already know if and when he releases one, it’s guaranteed to be filled with bangers. If this is the prelude to ’21 Jump Street,’ then that upcoming tape has got to be on fire.

Posted on 2011-04-20

Official Download Link (mediafire): 

Track Listing:
01.Brisco - Intro Mary Jane
02.Brisco Ft. JRandall - Puff
03.Brisco Ft. Red Rad - Real Bad Boys
04.Brisco - Seat Laid Back
05.Brisco Ft. Jase - Pass The Torch
06.Brisco Ft. Bow Wow - Pussy, Money & Power
07.Brisco Ft. Jase - We Can Get Busy (Produced by CertiFYD)
08.Brisco - Stuck In My Ways
09.Brisco Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Bei Major - Super Hero
10.Brisco - Spoken Word

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